Sunday, October 14, 2012


Something about October always has me 
making more dinners in the crock pot.
I think it's the whole desire for comfort food
 and good smells welcoming us when
 we walk in the door.
 Here are a few tried and true recipes. they
 can all be found on my recipe blog
or you can just click on the
recipe names for a quick link-back.
 Re-invent your Thanksgiving leftovers with

Turkey Chili 
 I think beef cooks the best in a crock pot,
and I have a few favorites.
 The Easiest Ever Pot Roast starts with

onion soup mix and cream of mushroom soup.
Perfect with mashed potatoes.
I have several crock pots and still
 have the original orange Crock-Pot.
Beef Stroganoff gets it's creamy gravy 
from a little cream cheese added at the end.
Cubes of beef with mushrooms and onions 
served over rice or noodles. 
Another Savory Pot Roast with lots of rich
flavorful gravy. It used Ranch mix, gravy
 mix and Italian salad dressing mix. 
 My latest favorite is a keeper.
 Mock Sauerbraten
Served with spaetzle...
very Octoberfest!
The crock pot has become part of my fall decor.
 This recipe has the most page views of all
my blog posts.
Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili 
You'll want to try this one
after you read all the comments.
Happy Crocktober!



  1. I love to use my crock pot in fall and Winter too! I ahve done 2 dinner this week in it. It leaves me free to keep UNPACKING! Every recipe sounds delish. I will be trying some of these too. Thanks, Rita! XO, Pinky I finally have a new post about the new house!

  2. Rita, you gotta know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my slow cooker! I'm thrilled to find these wonderful recipes too! I'm making that cream cheese chicken chili next week! YUMMY!
    Thanks for sharing the wonders of CROCKTOBER at ON THE MENU MONDAY!

  3. Great recipes! I love using my crock pot as well. Such a time saver.

  4. We just used our crockpot today, made chicken cacciatore !

    Your recipes sound good, will try some of them soon!


  5. What a wonderful crock pot resource this post is, Rita May--I'm always on the lookout for good recipes that are easy, so I will have to check yours out. The cream cheese chicken chili sounds very intriguing and delicious!

  6. Your recipes and pics look great, will have to try them.....the crock pot is my favorite appliance and use it all the time. I even make my pasta sauce and meatballs in it....what a time saver!!!

  7. Okay, your title "Crocktober" just about had me laughing my head off! Very true about crock pots going together with cold weather, although here on the coast, I like to use them when it's too hot to heat up the big stove!

    Yummy looking recipe!
    (found you at Coastal Charm link)

  8. How timely! I just finally found a crock pot at a garage sale this weekend for $2. I made some pot roast in it today and am ready to try something new! Your recipes sound like a great place to start. Thanks!

  9. Sounds like some great recipes! Crocktober! Lol!

    - The Tablescaper

  10. I guess it is Croctober, since I've been using mine a lot too. I love having meals ready and waiting for us, or to free me up to get things done. I've always regretted giving my orange crock pot away. I agree I think beef does the best, thanks for the recipes.

  11. Looks delicious, Rita! I love my crockpot as well!

  12. Yummmmmmm! I can't wait to try some of these recipes, especially the mock sauerbraten. When I was 13, I ran across a recipe for sauerbraten, which I had never had. It was delicious but I haven't made it since. Thanks for sharing.