Friday, October 19, 2012

Dear Anonymous,

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for that final 'nudge' I needed to 
add a pin it button feature to the bottom of 
my posts. You wanted to pin my recipe for 
Rita's Recipes. I've added the feature to 
the bottom of all my blog posts here at 
MAY DAYS as well as my recipe blog.  
PIN- away!

I love reading all your comments and will answer any questions you have with an email if you are not blocked. Some of my commenters are still 'anonymous' and sadly I cannot reply directly to them. There are often some very good suggestions like the one today.

Here's the link:
Now if I could only get my Playlist back. 
I need to find a new one that allows posting on Blogger.
Oh, I've also added the Christmas Countdown. 
(scroll down to see the bar)


  1. Here's a question; how do I add the pin it button to my blog?

  2. Thank you thank you! I may be back to ask the same question as above! Where did you get the wonderful background?

  3. Rita,
    I worked all night trying to get this one my posts. Can you let me know, when you have time. Thanks so much! You can email me at

  4. I am a little slow with the whole pinning thing. But I'll get there. Eventually. I will not be so slow to try your recipe!