Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Re-Thinking The Living Room

Here's the transition in my living room.
 I've decided to sell the two slipcovered sofas 
in the living room. One has sold and one still 
to go. I had these old chairs in my office and 
brought them out to fill the empty space.
I liked the sofas but thought they were too
 large. I'm thinking of getting one sofa and 
perhaps 2 club chairs 
after the other sofa sells.
I'll have to give this all more thought.
Here's the coffee table for fall.
 The  sofa table behind the remaining sofa. 
Here's the room before. 
This is a first! 
The before looks better than the after.
I'll need a little faith. 
It will all work out in the end.



  1. Love the orange chairs. It's always a little scary when you start to change things up. I am sure it will look amazing. Hugs, Marty

  2. Change is always hard but think positively. NEW will be great!!! That's my motto these days! XO, Pinky

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. I like the orange chairs, such pretty lines and the orange is perfect for the season.

  4. Rita, I love the new look. I've been wanting to have my sofa reupholstered or slipcovers made for it and I could do so much with the white slipcovers or white upolstery..Talked with the man that has done work for us before and he said the slipcovers will cost as much as upholstery job..The sofa is in excellent condition but 14 yrs. old and the cushions need to be replaced to a firmer look and feel..Our Walls are done in BM Hillbourgh beige and two walls Bar harbour beige. It's at least 6 yrs. since we painted and it still looks like we just did it. I'd go with the Hillsbough beige again but on all the ways with white crown molding..I have the same Apothecary jar as you do and seeing your Fall decorations(2011)gives me an idea. Will take it to Michaels or AC Moore and let them work something up for me, bow and silk leaves,etc. Will change it for Xmas.. I'm not a lover of orange color but for I could stand it for about 5 or 6 weeks.(Maybe)Look forward to seeing more of the Fall decorations. Your blog always inspires me!