Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Kitchen Counters

I replaced the small Longaberger lamp with 
a jumbo glass canister filled with a
small string of orange lights.
I plug it in every evening.
I had to use the camera's flash
(a big photo no-no) 
so that you could see the pumpkin sign.
 All this is under the open cabinet.
 Lookin' very Fall-y to me.
 The long view.
Other side: Fall fabric decoupaged plates on 
the pie stand are loaded with  a few seasonal 
spices; cinnamon, pumpkin pie, tea spice,
 and vintage syrup pitchers, 
all ready to use.
The flour and sugar canisters got copper
 scoops, a woven placemat, orange plate, 
orange charger and a pumpkin sprig.
Now I need a good fall dinner!
Check out my easy savory pot roast HERE.



  1. Love your fall decor and the lights are such a fun idea. Everything looks lovely. Hugs, Marty

  2. So cute! I love that jar with the lights.

  3. Rita.. How cute the jar of lights is! Love the idea. xo marlis

  4. How very fun!! The jars are perfect!!

    Jocelyn @

  5. I'm loving your fall decor and the jar light..genious! Happy BNOTP.

  6. It is looking very fall indeed... I really loved your paint chip project and your little doggie bowls... How adorable is that?

    I am also one to change it up for the seasons and the holidays... even to the color of pen I grade papers with!!! Do you think this is a heritage of old world witches and the wheel of the year? I sometimes wonder if it's a long ago call from our ancestors. I have lovely German ancestry, Irish... and a little bit of French.... one never knows..

    Anyway, I love your home!

  7. I need to finish my fall decorating, but it's still so hot here. Yours looks so warm and inviting,and it looks fantastic with your backsplash! Came over from Common Ground.
    Have a good weekend, Tina

  8. Very Pretty! Glad you enjoy lighting the lovely setting. The Royal Worcester China pattern "Evesham" is a favorite of mine and it really shows well in your open cabinets. One reason it is one of my mother's patterns and because we went through Evesham while visiting England and saw the orchards. Beautiful detail in your fall decorations!