Friday, May 13, 2011

My Scone is Gone!

I've just learned the proper pronunciation of scone!
I got my information from two very reliable sources.
First my friend Cathy told me.
Then I heard it from Colin Cowie.
He was preparing these cheese scones on
the Nate Berkus show.
 He said that we Americans have been
pronouncing it all wrong.
It's scone and sounds like gone, not stone...
so I've been practicing.
"The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain"
and now
My scone is gone!
I  made some cheese scones too.
We had them for lunch with leftover honey glazed ham from Easter.
I had saved some in the freezer in small packages.
And tea, of course.

Have a Great Weekend!

My recipe for Tea Time Scones  HERE.


  1. lol. I had never heard someone pronounce scone as in stone until this year. Good ol' scones are usually gone before long anyway so it makes sense to pronounce it that way doesnt it :P

  2. We had English friends visit us for 12 days a couple of years ago and we learned quite a bit...

    Scones are delicious no matter the pronounciation....