Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Remember Mama

I remember walking thru this entry into 
my Mother's house. 
I remember walking over with the doggies for a visit.
I remember picking her up for our trips to Publix
 or to her appointments.
Off we'd go! 
 I remember all the good days we spent together.
Happy Mother's Day Mama
and a Happy Mother's Day to every mother.



  1. memories are priceless. Happy Mother's Day to You.

  2. Rita, what wonderful memories! I just did my MOther's Day post, and while I wrote it, I thought of this photo of your Mother I have seen often on your blog... and I knew you were thinking of her... Blogging is such a mysterious blessing in my life. I have always known the world was full of kindred spirits, thanks to Anne of Green Gables books as a child... Blogging reaffirms that. I "met" you just a few weeks ago, and your blog struck such a common chord with me.. I love your effervescence and your pretty holiday spunk... I went back through your blog to the beginning and enjoyed all your posts, your recipes, and your story that is woven throughout... I marvel at your energy and your organizational skills to store and be able to FIND all those cute goodies for the holidays.. I decided to copy you on the mug idea and trade the mugs we have in the kitchen with the holidays.. Such a lift when friends come for coffee to have different seasonal cups right there.... Duh.. I wouldn't have thought of that EVER..

    Thanks for the sweet post.. It brought tears to my eyes because I know how you must feel... Father's Day is that same way for me now, and I am often shocked that my dad has actually been gone almost five years... and my dear gramma, 27!!!! I wouldn't have thought I could live another day without them. I didn't mean to write a book... just to thank you for all your efforts in blogging... Gayla