Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March Review

Last month I went green.....
decoratively speaking.
Starting with March mug shots at the 
coffee station 
and an Irish blessing printable.  
 A change of dishes and paper in the
March kitchen cabinet.
More green on the sofa table vignette.
 Kitchen counter and a
Happy St. Patrick's Day sign.
I shared a few of my Rules For Life.
I shared my idea of a perfect dinner.
 The cornice shelf in the breakfast area.
 Spring blue and yellow in the dining room.
 I put oyster shells in the apothecary jar
 on the ever-changing counter tray.
Easter arrived early this year so I did an
 end of the month dish change in the cabinet.
Lastly the sofa table was given it's
Spring look with lots of tea pots.
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Spring Cheer!


  1. Wonderful review. Have a great weekend!!! It is going to be like FLORIDA here this weekend!!! In the 80's!!!! I am so excited!!! XO, Pinky

  2. You have been so busy! I love cornice shelf over your window. I'm clicking now to read about that.

  3. I love all your posts and I have visited them all! Just lovely and I specially love the last one with the teapots inside cloches. Enjoy your weekend Rita May. Hugs,

  4. Great post and lovely things. I hope you will visit me at My Dream Canvas. Have a lovely weekend.