Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The 'Perfect' Dinner

My idea of the perfect dinner is 
I roast a chicken at least a
 couple of times a month. It's the 'secret'
quick cooking recipe. It takes just minutes to
prepare and little time paying attention to it.
Plus there's enough for another meal
 later in the week.
 Let's face it, going out takes more effort.
It has everything I love in a dinner.
  • It's easy and delicious.
  • It cooks happily by itself in the oven for over an hour while I do something else.
  • It makes the house smell wonderful.
  • It's our comfort food. It's the first dinner we crave when we return from a trip.
  • There are great leftovers for sandwiches, chicken salad, or a casserole.
  • The leftover bones and carcass make great soup.
  • The two of us will get several meals out of it. Each one different.
Chicken Soup
It has endless variations.
That's why it's always in my menu rotation.
Roast two at a time for larger families.

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  1. YUM, your making me hungry. I always buy the rotisserie chicken at the deli at walmart to use for everything you just described, until this past week........they had marked the price of them up from $4.98 a chick, to $7.98. I will be roasting my own from now on!