Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Mug Shots

April mugs are more Villeroy & Boch 
in the Amaopla pattern. 
They are the same as the dishes I'm using 
this month in the Kitchen Cupboard.
Easter baskets hold the coffee filters and napkins.
Have a freshly baked cream cheese cookie,
or have a slice of my small cheesecake.
 It's perfect with a cup of coffee.
It's not too much. It's Just right!
Another Easter basket sits on the antique
 wood bin that I use for recycling.
The calico paper mache' bunny was a bunny
rescue. (25 cents thrift store find)



  1. I love Villaroy and Boch...your table looks so wonderful and festive. I could go for a cup of coffee and cheesecake right now...be right over!!!

    Have a great day and Happy Easter!!!

  2. Looks so pretty!!! I love how you keep changing the vignettes! Happy April! XO, Pinky

  3. Very pretty.. wow those cookies look great

  4. Such pretty mugs and the desserts look delicious. I have never had a cream cheese cookie but it does sound perfect with my morning coffee.