Sunday, April 29, 2012

Organizing Recipe Cards

I'm an obsessive recipe collector.
I love using these antique library card 
drawers to file my recipe cards.
I have two of these boxes.
I clip. I copy. I print.
I toss them into the basket on top
until I have time to file them.
 Pretty soon my recipe files start looking
like this. Crammed full and disorganized!
 Everything is jammed in and not very well
sorted. I needed a better system.
 I needed to reorganize. 
 I decided to use large colorful paint cards
for the dividers.
 I made a list of the tabs I needed and printed
out lots of stick-on labels.
These are all CHICKEN. I have them 
sorted into sub-categories so that I can 
find just what I'm looking!
Boneless Breasts, Stir-Fry, Oven,
Italian, Mexican, Crock-Pot...etc.
Now everything is so much easier
 to file and find. I pull out a category when
deciding what to make and then edit and
usually toss a few at that time. 
I did this in all the drawers.
  One drawer holds my very old
Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library.
Another drawer holds a very old set of
 McCall's Great American Recipe Card Collection
 as well as a large supply of
 blank recipe cards. 
Some of you may remember when you 
hand wrote your recipes on cute cards.
I always keep the old ones from family
 and friends. I love those! It's very
reminiscent looking thru them.
Some I've dated on the back and know
when I first made it or received it.
Recipe from:__________



  1. love your drawers and how organized you are!!!

  2. I love your organization and those old library card drawers are great! I recognize many of your blank cards. There are many recipes in my own recipe box written on those cards. I saved my grandmother's recipe box so I could keep her hand-written recipes; same with my mother's. It's wonderful to have their handwriting as well as the recipe.

  3. Wow! You are organized! Mine are all in a sort of photo album. I also love seeing my friend's handwriting...and the stains...on all the really good recipes! lol Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  4. OMG, I wish you could come do my recipes for me. I ahve 2 recipe card holders but TONS of recipes I have printed out from the computer and they are all LOOSE, and in no order at all. It will be a job after I move to the new house. You are a BIG inspiration. XO, Pinky

  5. I love the library card drawers for recipes...You certainly have great organizational skills. Not only are they organized, they are "beautifully organized"!

  6. Love this idea. I'll be on the lookout for library card drawers which I've passed up before.
    Mary Alice

  7. What a wonderful example of good organization. Very impressive.

  8. What a wonderful idea! I love the drawers.

  9. Rita May,
    What an amazing idea!!! I may be borrowing this idea in the near future! Thank you for sharing this great tip with us!

  10. I'm really impressed! It looks so cute besides being so easy to find what you need. Definitely worth your hard work. Mine are stuffed in a photo album in no order at all. Good thing I'm not much of a cook!

    Robin Flies South

  11. Such a beautiful and practical way of organizing your recipes -- the paint chips are fantastic!

  12. Great idea, I so remember writing out my recipes on cards and proudly storing inside my recipe box. Many are from my Mom, and brings a memory to mind as I go through them. Love the large paint sample idea, really helps seeing the different categories easier. I so love your drawers! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday's Best!

  13. I've have organized my recipe cards in this exact same way! Great minds think alike :)