Thursday, September 8, 2011

I have OCDD, too (with printable ideas)

 Obsessive Compulsive Decorating Disorder 
is different from DADD which is 
Decorating Attention Deficit Disorder, 
but it often afflicts the same people.
Here's what I did with the printable from the DADD post.
Symptoms of OCDD May Include:
1. My inability to sleep until I've planned out
  _________ . (fill in the blank with these examples:)
   a. The table setting for Thanksgiving.
   b. How I'll decorate for Christmas this year.
   c. What color I should paint a room. etc.

2. My need to adjust something not level,
 even if it's not in my house.

3. Needing to drink all hot beverages 
(coffee, tea, cocoa) in a Christmas mug 
from after Thanksgiving until Christmas Day.

4. Traveling with Christmas mugs
just in case the family I'm visiting
 for Christmas has no Christmas dishes.
(audible gasp)

6. Always imagining what changes I would
 make to a room I'm visiting.
Pretending to give it some thought
if asked so as not to look like
I've already been thinking about it.

7. Wanting to see everybody's house. 
Checking out their good ideas.
Stealing using some of their good ideas.

8. Seeing out of season decor makes me
 crazy(er). Summer potato salad in a
 Halloween bowl? That's worse than ants at a picnic.

9. Rearranging while staying in
vacation rentals. Who can sleep
when the couch would look
so much better on the other wall?

10. Loving a movie because of the house in it.

11. Needing to have the chairs pushed into the breakfast table after a meal. Needing the couch pillows aligned. Doesn't everybody?
 (Men are not counted here as part of everybody.)

12. The M~A~Y printable monmograms in frames are hanging along the side of the fridge.  I'm using my monogram mugs for September. I'll  change out the style of the M~A~Y monograms with the seasons, but you already knew that. 

         Living with OCDD 

there's also RDS
Restless Decorating Syndrome
I think these are all very contagious!

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  1. This made me laugh (not that I could relate to it or anything!). Love #6. Ha. I'm linking to this from my blog today--thanks! :)

  2. Oh ya, I've got this disease for sure! None of my friends are obsessed like me! I can really relate to #9 as this past year when we stayed at a house in the Outer Banks I really wanted to rearrange it. Nice to meet you.

  3. I'll add to that-
    Slowing your car down while driving after dark when a house has their drapes/blinds open so you can see how they've decorated.

  4. We must be twin sisters separated at birth! I feel the same way about each of your obsessions! It's nice to know I'm not alone. Cute post!

  5. 2, 6, 7, 10, 11 are mine too! Love the post, Sally xx