Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Have DADD (and free printables)

image: M Plantin
Decorating Attention Deficit Disorder
 You may have it too.
Here are the symptoms:

1. As a child I would rearrange the furniture in my parents home when they went out so that they would be surprised when they got home.

2. I have 3 projects going at once and
another 20 in my head.

3. I get bored quickly with a "look" and have
to change it.

4. I'm not finished with the project I'm working
 on when I see another one I want to start.

5. . Decorating is a never-ending process.
I have a to-do list for every room.

6. My crystal collection (Waterford, Lalique, Baccarat)  and silver must get along with my found treasures (thrift store, bulk trash, flea market).

7. When the seasons change, so must my decor: summer, fall, winter, spring.

8. Holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July all make me want to join the party.

9.  I like it all: rustic, refined, casual, elegant, traditional, classic, cottage, coastal, mountain, neutral and colorful. 

10. I'm easily influenced: blogs, HGTV, decorating books & magazines. There's always a great new idea I want to try!

11. I love, love looking at other peoples homes
 because I get to try new ideas when I get home.
I once dragged a fully decorated Christmas tree
from my living room to my family room
 after seeing my friend Cathy's tree.
I said that it would ruin Christmas unless
I moved the tree right this minute.
So much better! Christmas was saved!

11. Changing things rejuvenates my creativity.
 I was tearing pages and filing.
Now I'm pinning!

12. I like to find things and repurpose them.
 What can I do with that?

13. I never "leave well-enough alone".
Now, drop whatever you're doing and check this out!
image: Acorns

image: M Franklin

Click to Download Cute Free Handwriting Fonts
Find lots of free printable downloads at
 Living Locurto.
I think I have that too.
and RDS 
Restless Decorating Syndrome
I'll give you those symptoms in another post. 
('cause I have to go lay down!)


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  1. I think we may be related....haha!
    great post-thanks for sharing the smiles!

  2. me too! i keep good company. where did you get your chicken feeder plate holder? i'm dying for one!

  3. Good to know we are not alone in the world and there is a cure...go junkin!

  4. My husband has a t-shirt that says DADD but his means Dads Against Daughters Dating. That's fine for him but this fits me better!

  5. Well I hope I'm not being a hypochondriac when I say I think I have that too !

  6. Oh My Goodness! Thank you for helping me know I am not alone! Love your #2 I am so that and proud to have 20+ ideas swimming in my head :)
    For some crazy reason that is what pushes me to create. So happy to have found your wonderful blog at Miss Mustard Seed! And a new follower!

  7. You are not alone! This is the first time in posting a comment on your blog but i have been secretly enjoying it for the last many months! Just curious ...I hope you dont mind me prying! How about posting a little about your self ...Im curious to know what sort of life a brilliant , creative woman like you has lead! Im sure all us fellow bloggers would love a peak into your life! what you have studied /worked as .Where you have travelled to....what inspires you etc! :))
    And most importantly what a day in your life looks like coz its fantastic that you manage so many fab projects all at once!
    Sorry im being so curious all at once.....cant help my self!

    Much love & Sunshine