Monday, October 17, 2011

RDS....Restless Decorating Syndrome

I've just come from several blogs that are
decorating for Fall in all neutrals.
That was the last "straw"! 
I've seen several serenely scaped tables in
Domestically Speaking
whites, neutrals, straw, and burlap. 
Makes me want to do it too. 
I should just leave well-enough alone.
Organize and Decorate Everything
Relax, kick-back, enjoy my orange pumpkins.
But....maybe I could just paint one white.
That might satisfy my RDS.


other decorating disorders include;
  DADD  and  OCDD

Links: A Stroll Thru Life,
Type A


  1. Pumpkins are orange. *smiling as I say this

  2. I say paint away!! I too am being inspired by all the wonderful creative harvest decor that is sweeping across BlogLand!! Wishing you a fabulous week..xo HHL

  3. I suffer from those decorating conditions, as well !! LOL. Thank you so much for including my Fall dining room in your pics !! I love your orange pumpkins, but, you're right, maybe you could paint just *one* !! Thanks again, Becca xoxo

  4. Thanks for the feature! I love all of the inspirations!!!

  5. I just posted to Tabletop Tuesday, too, and talked about being dissatisfied with ORANGE! RDS, huh? Ok, me too!

  6. Love all the neutrals too, but I do love my oranges also. Maybe we can have a little of both. Beautiful pics. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. Very pretty. Haven't had time to get around much, so it was nice to see so much here in one place. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Yep, I do love all the whites and neutral pumpkins, but I prefer the oranges and fall reds for my fall, autumn colors are the richest and warmest that I love to see..don't get me wrong, I admire and like all the white too! Thanks for sharing dear Rita. Hugs,

  9. Do whatever makes you smile ~ remember ~ there is NO decorating trend ~ it is your house and your need to love it and live in, around and with it ~ go for it!~ ;-)

  10. Sage, cream, and other neutrals are all the rage right now, but I prefer the happier fall colors of orange, bright yellow, purple.
    Love your term "rds".

  11. I enjoy the neutrals and almost chose to decorate with them this year, but THEN I found a pot of beautiful sunny yellow mums and just knew that I would be decorating in the happy yellows and oranges of a traditional fall. Color is cheerful and these days we all need a bit of cheering up ~ so I'm in your corner. By the way ~ I have RDS too! Love that term!!

    Susan and Bentley

    PS: Love your music too!

  12. I have one room that has white pumpkins and one room with orange pumpkins. It works for me.

  13. It is beautiful! Love the colors! Joann

  14. Hi lovely lady.
    I was looking at my sidebar and you had a new post. I also have one room with white pumpkins and the other with orange. It works for me.
    I hope you have a great week.
    XXOO Diane