Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shutter Love

I love shutters, so when I spotted these on a discard pile I rescued them  before I even knew where I would use them. We were walking around a new neighborhood while visiting  family a few towns away. Someone was doing a kitchen remodel and on top of the construction debris I found these vintage shutters.  I asked if I could take them, (even though they were being thrown away). We lugged them back on the long walk.
 Then bing! Just like that, I knew where they would go!
In our bathroom.
 To soften the glass block windows.
And give them a bit of a cottage look.
 It was one set of shutters. We took them apart and had four panels.
One panel for each side.
 Luckily the fit was near perfect.
 We didn't do anything to the shutters.
Just hosed them off.
To finish them off, I sketched a pediment design and Larry cut it out of scrap wood.
We painted it and attached it to the top of the window.
 We also added a little molding to the bottom, again using scrap wood and painting it.
 Perfectly imperfect.
Salvaged Shutters
A no-cost window treatment.
Shutters and Shells
Good things to collect.
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  1. Nice find! Love they way the soften the glass block!


  2. SOOOO great. It looks like they had always been there. So lucky to find for free. These babies are expensive. Great job. Ginger

  3. Oh they look fabulous and what a great find. I love shutters also, but never thought of using them on the block window. What a fabulous look. Hugs, Marty

  4. These look so wonderful and they change the look dramatically - just lovely!

  5. They are fabulous, and look perfect there!

  6. They really make that window pop! Just what it needed.

  7. I love shutters too. Yours look so charming and I like the pediment you made too!

    Susan and Bentley

  8. What a wonderful find and love the pediment addition!