Thursday, January 13, 2011

Clerodendrum Trellis

A few years ago Larry built this trellis out of 2x2 pressure treated wood. We copied the design from a neighbors "professionally" done trellis. A large grid. We planted a small vine.
It started out in a small pot attached to this small 2ft. trellis
It grew.
 The 2x2 ends are angle cut.
The vertical pieces leave plenty of space for the vine to twine.
It grew.
 It grew.
And grew some more.
I took several cuttings and rooted them in water.
 We had a few pieces of wood from an old  broken trellis that we had removed. Of course I didn't throw them out. We used them to make a smaller trellis and installed it on the side wall of the house. 
 I planted my little cutting.
It's making it way up.


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