Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rita's Margaritas ~ Just 2 Ingredients!

This is my speedy summer cocktail!  
I love it because I can have a margarita
 anytime with no fuss. 
I cheat and use Simply Limeade
(all natural, not from concentrate)
found in the refrigerated juice
section at the grocery store. 
I like to use jars for this cocktail.
Lots of ice, a splash of however much
 tequila you want and a pinch of salt.
That pinch of salt is the secret to making
it taste authentic. 
Rim your glass with salt first, if you like.
Add a slice of lime for a very refreshing 
drink. Of course these are great with
any Mexican food; tacos, enchiladas, but we
 like them with grilled meat and BBQ too.
Larry usually makes our drinks at the
end of each day while we hang out and
I'm cooking dinner. 

Enjoy and Cheers!

Tip: If your tequila came in a pretty bottle,
save it and use it to fill with bubble bath.
Just click on the picture to see that post.
Bubble Bath and Tequila


  1. I just told Louis Dean this morning that there will be no wine for me tonight! I want a Margarita!! Love that pinch of salt - you are right! It makes all the difference. I save my Patron bottles for the same reason you do!! I keep mouthwash in one and bubble bath and salts in others. LD does NOT like for me to rebottle and repackage everything!! Think he will ever get used to it??? I bought EIGHT tubes of Pepsodent toothepaste recently - his favorite and it's hard to find so when I do I buy as many as possible! They each have a box so I unpackaged them and stood them up in a tall white wicker basket on the marble in his bathroom. Not sure he can find them but I put one in his shave kit he's sure to see!

  2. I love margarita's, and this is a great way to have one quickly. Never thought of having one in the tub!