Monday, June 23, 2014

10 Repurpose Ideas For A China Cabinet

OK, so you found a china cabinet after some
suggestions in my last post, or you have
 your mother's old what?
Now, start thinking 'outside the china
cabinet'. The inspiration photo above is
just like the one below I found at Faith 
Farm Thrift Store for only $49!
China cabinets aren't just for china anymore.
Where do you need display space?
1. How about a painted library bookcase?
Where do you need storage space?
2. Custom painted kitchen cabinet.
3. Very pretty storage in the bathroom.
5. Sewing cabinet
6. A living room cabinet vignette. 
7. Display your pretty pottery collection.
8. Paint it black and showcase your ironstone.
9. Wake up your kitchen with a coffee bar.
 10. Add wire to the doors for a
unique birdcage. 
All you need to do is...Paint It!
Chalk paint is the easiest. 
Here's my DIY recipe. You can
have a unique piece of furniture in your
home for very little moolah!

Find lots more China Cabinet Makeovers 
on my Pinterest Board,  
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  1. What a pretty piece and wow, the price is unreal. Love all your inspiration ideas too.

  2. The bird cage is the best idea I have seen. Love, love, love it!!!!!

  3. Great Ideas.  I love to provide my Estate Sale community with reuse, re-purposing and up-scaling ideas to help them see treasures and opportunities in what they find at our Estate Tag Sales.

    Thanks for this article and your ideas. What you do is appreciated. 
    I shared it with my Estate Sale community on and Facebook at

    Keep the great treasure finds coming.

    Dennis Velco
    dcVelco Estate Sales

  4. Great post with tons of great ideas! I just bought a china cabinet from craigslist and kept the bottom for my dining room and the top part as a bookcase in my daughters room. Just have to find time to paint it and possibly add some feet!

  5. Oh my so many great ideas for using china cabinets! If only the Charmer was bigger I would love to have one in the bathroom, but gosh it's barely big enough for both of us to be in it! I also love the bird cage idea, how cool is that!

  6. Thank you for sharing. I have 4 china cabinets in various rooms in my home. All painted with chalk paint. You are right in saying you can use them for any collection or display.

  7. We repurposed one as a built-in in our butler's pantry.

  8. Rita,
    Love, LOVE, L O V E all the creative suggestions!!!
    I have a "Chicken Coop" with chicken wire cabinet doors painted red in the lower level Family Room that I store Autumnal dishes and accessory items in year 'round!
    Thanks for sharing!!!