Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer Screen Door

I'm sharing another post from our Smoky Mt.
Cabbage (condo), part cabin, part cottage.
What's a summer cabbage without a screen
 door? A screen door is a summer
  must-have. It lets in more light and 
the summer breeze. Ah! and that summer 
sound of a screen door slamming shut!
This closed door does NOT say summer!
We found a wood screen door for under $20 
at Home Depot. Larry stained it with leftover 
trim stain he got from the maintenance crew. 
He added the hardware and  installed it in 
no time. I love it!
Even the doggies love looking out now.
It looks very nice at the front deck.
And it looks very nice from the inside too.
Let there be light!


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  1. So cute! Nothing like the slam of screen door! Brings back memories!

  2. I truly love it! I made my husband put one on our first house- I wanted that exact sound- the door slamming! So reminiscent of summer days by the lake.. Flip flops and sand!

  3. I love a screen door, it reminds me of my childhood in Indiana. I can't have one like yours though because my two Jack Russell terrors would bust through the bottom of it if they saw a critter outside. Rascals. I love how you call your place "the cabbage". My family and I try and go to Gatlinburg at least once every two years. It's so beautiful there! Would love to see more pics of your cabbage!

  4. I love your screen door! Now you can enjoy the light and the fresh mountain air!

  5. I love screen doors, I love having cross-ventilation. xo

  6. Oh I love it, it is perfect. Light and cool breezes. Thanks tons for linkin to Inspire Me.

  7. Hi Rita May! There is absolutely nothing better than a slamming screen door. I have two on my porch and I love them. Your cabbage is a delight!

  8. Oh, I love your screen door! Beautiful!