Monday, June 16, 2014

DIY Cork Coasters

I love wine cork crafts and these cork 
coasters are so easy to make.
Grab a few corks.
  All you need are 8 corks and glue.
Choose the corks you want to use that
 will fit together the best.
 I glue the 2 center corks together along their
 sides and then the 2 end corks on their
connecting ends. I used craft glue, but I
think hot glue would make the hold stronger.
 Attach 2 more corks.
 Attach the ends. 
It's OK if there are tiny gaps.
 The white glue will dry clear.
 Rubber corks work too.
I made 2 for us. Fun cork project!
You may have noticed them under my 
Rita's Margarita in my last post.


  1. LOVE your new silver plate chargers!! great idea!!! very pretty!!! love that blue table!!

  2. These are wonderful coasters. My church made and sold these in sets of 4 (tied with pretty ribbon) at a Christmas Bazaar and they went like hotcakes! What a great idea for using up the corks. (and they make cute little gifts too)