Monday, June 9, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

Friday was a fun MAY DAYS kind of day.
I posted about it on MAY DAYS Facebook 
page. Click HERE to visit MAY DAYS on 
Facebook and 'like' my page to keep 
updated. Thank you to all that have already
 done that! Anyway, one of the things that 
made it a fun day was a stop at my favorite
 thrift store, Faith Farm for one of their
 sales. I got there later than usual because
 I played tennis in the morning, but there
 were still goodies to find. 
 Here's my bounty; 3 mugs 
(2 holiday, 1 blue & white),
a cut glass cream pitcher, a stainless steel 
water pitcher, a pewter meat platter 
and a pile of silver. All for $7.00
 Halloween mugs are hard to find. This
one will go on the mug rack for October.
 A cute blue and white mug is my 
new 'favorite' mug this week.
 Adding this one to my Valentine's mugs
 for the February mug rack. 
The mugs were 25¢ each
 A cut glass cream/milk pitcher. It could
 also be used to hold teaspoons, or in 
the bathroom for toothbrushes, makeup
 brushes, or Q-tips. It was 25¢
 A stainless water pitcher will also be used 
for a flower vase, utensil holder, and 
houseplant watering. I have it hanging 
from my pot rack. 50¢
 Silverplate pieces were 50¢ each. 
 The Wilton-Columbia, PA pewter meat 
platter was $2 bargain.
One smaller tray and a bowl.
 5 larger trays, some very tarnished.
 I had an idea on how I would use these.
All polished and ready for me to use.
Come back later this week to see
what I do with them.



  1. I will be looking forward to seeing what you do!! GREAT finds!

  2. I can't wait to see what your idea is for all that pretty silver!

  3. wow! great deals! I love the water pitcher best!!

  4. Hi Rita,
    I loved seeing all of your "goodies" did well! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see what you do with the silver.....

  5. Hi Rita,

    Love the silver, I just never get bored with Silver. Its a classic and you are one lucky thriftier to find it.



  6. So many great finds! Love them all!


  7. Rita - You always manage to find the cutest coffee cups. You've inspired me to keep my eyes open when I'm out thrifting to create a themed stockpile myself. As always, thanks for the inspiration! Have a great day!