Wednesday, August 29, 2012

10 Things I Don't Throw Out...I Reuse!

Here are 10 things most people toss out 
without a thought....Not me!
1. toilet paper rolls-make great cord 
wranglers, or napkin rings, or dip into paint to make circles,
or slit the side and wrap around a roll of
gift wrap paper to keep it from
 unraveling and tearing.
2. used coffee filters-rinse and save to
 make a no-cost wreath
or line a clay pot or planter box to cover up
 the drainage holes.
You don't even need to rinse off the coffee 
grounds. They're good for the soil.
3.  egg shells- start blowing out eggs 
instead of cracking them open a few weeks
 before Easter. Then Decoupage eggs using 
the top layer of cocktail napkins using
Mod Podge.
4. jars-small to large, I reuse jam and spice
 jars and store everything!
They can give your beverage some 
5. tennis cans: I can store almost everything 
in a tennis can.
6. plastic skirt hangers: lop off the ends to use as bag clips
7. return envelopes: make out your grocery 
list for the week and stuff the coupons 
you'll use inside. An endless supply.
8. oyster/clam shells: whenever I order
  oysters or clams in a restaurant I have the
 waiter bag up the empty shells for me. 
*Please remember to take them out of your 
car when you get home and never forget to 
take them out of your girlfriend's car or 
you'll never hear the end of it!
 Saved corks used HERE.
9. wine bottles and corks: wine bottle garden border.
10. Liquor bottles: decant bubble bath, bath 
salts into pretty tequila or other liquor 
bottles . No more ugly plastic containers.
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  1. Great ideas! I love to recycle.My problem is saving stuff, that I will use someday!

  2. Love the idea to cut the hangers and use as clips! I also reuse junk mail envelopes and from bills. Great tiops. XO, Pinky

  3. There is so much creativity over here!!! Lots and lots and lots of great ideas, Rita!!!
    Thanks for joining TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!

  4. Waste Not! Want Not! My refrain, too! Love your tips on recycling and reuse!

  5. I'm saving this post! Thanks for the great ideas!

  6. Very creative ideas! Even the oyster shells look beautiful in your decorative container!

  7. How funny, I thought I was the only one who saved jars and envelopes.....glad to see so many thinking green!!!

  8. My daughters make so much fun of me for reusing things. You have it on me with the tennis cans, and you'd think that would have been a natural considering how many of those I've had over the years.

  9. you're so green and crafty! i love the bottle border! we save the corks (i put them in vases as filler, and i'd like to try a project with them, too) and we keep any and all jars and plastic containers. the boyfriend takes them out the to the long as i don't see the clutter, and he can use them...that's fine by me!

  10. These are some really great "Green" ideas! I too save wine corks...updated an old serving tray with them this summer. My aunt saves the small clam shells for when she makes her own clams casino. Love your idea for the liquor bottles...great post all the way around! Has me thinking! :D

  11. Super post, Rita!!! I just bought a package of chip clips at the dollar store yesterday. Meanwhile I have dozens of hangers upstairs that I could pop off the clip!! You Rock girl!!! Thank you!

  12. LOVE!!!! Your ideas, containers are soo expensive in the store. I love your tennis ball display.

  13. what super ideas! there are several things on here I never would have thought of !!! thanks for sharing your creativity!

  14. What great, resourceful ideas for reusing everyday items, Rita May--I enjoyed your post very much!

  15. Lots of excellent suggestions, thanks.

  16. yay! fabulous ideas! thanks for sharing!


  17. This is a great post! I saw it featured over at "The Stone Gable" blog party.

  18. Rita just yesterday I emptied a jelly jar and said to my self(yeah I was talking to myself),I should start saving these.
    Your tips are awesome and you are so organized.
    I need to stop throwing out all these useful things.
    Saw you at StoneGable,I deleted my old blog,and I am slowly getting back my favorites,I am back following.

  19. OMG, so many amazing ideas! I do a few of these myself but yours are awesome.

    I'd love to have you link to Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  20. I'm so glad someone else has the save everything bug. I thought I was the only person who saved everything to reuse. Well, maybe not the ONLY person. I look at everything and know there is a another use. And yes, I want to save the earth for my granddaughter. Well, I was born on earth day. Keep up the work you do. It's great!

  21. You have some great ideas here! I never saw the skirt hanger clamp as a chip bag clip, might have to try that one!!

  22. I love using things in unexpected ways. I have a question for you though. Do you have a tutorial on how to make that wonderful shelving unit behind the door? I could use that type of thing for everything from paperbacks to displaying my shot glass collection!

  23. Oh, such great ideas! I used the jelly jars one year at Christmas, filled them with homemade bath salts..tied a ribbon around the jar with a tag of instructions! I love to save everything....something's my husband just throws I never thought about saving those spice jars....great idea! Thank you!


  24. Great ideas!! I'm always saving little things for making crafts but these are all very practical!