Monday, August 6, 2012

Texas Trip and Treasures

We decided to take a road trip to Texas,
(because it wasn't hot enough in 
South Florida) to visit family before our
Granddaughter headed back to college.
Packed up the van and added a 
coffee filter wreath.
Brought the doggies too because they 
love road trips.
One of the treats on any Texas visit is being
there for 
It is supposed to be the largest flea market
in the country. The crowd is a bit lighter in the
 hot summer months. 
We braved the heat in the triple digits looking
 for treasures and inspiration.
I'll show my treasures in a later post.
Here are a few inspirations to try
 or file away for future projects.
J-O-Y bunting made from old book pages.
Here's an obvious container for my 
large collection of wine corks. 
I so wish I had a spot for this large
 wall-hung chicken feeder. Love it!
This one is filled with white tureens. 
Simple construction gives you custom-sized
 islands. Old thick wood tops on painted
bases. They have wheels too,
if you need to push them around. 
This one in  black. Locker baskets on
the bottom are great storage containers.
Love the red and the trim.
Basic base in yellow.
Here's where I show you the door.
Chippy vintage doors made into a
"can't find this at Pottery Barn" bookcase.
A great cabinet from old salvaged 
doors. I've always wanted to make one.
When I get home I'm going to paint my
old wood ladder something wild.
I'll have lots to keep me busy!
Welcome to Texas in August!
Cheers!.......and stay cool.


  1. Oh the weather looks awful and I am sure there was 100% humidity too. Great shopping and such wonderful eye candy. Hope you had a great time and the van looks like such fun. Hugs, Marty

  2. YOu are a brave girl to shop in that HEAT!!! But you found some GREAT treasures, I am sure. Hope you had a great trip and alot of fun. XO, Pinky

  3. Glad you had a safe trip. I can't wait to see what projects you come up with. Welcome back!

  4. Such fun trip in your van, along with your cuties! I can't believe you have a granddaughter going off to college. Best Wishes for her. Shopping looks terrific, can't wait to see what you'll be making! Enjoy your week in Texas.

  5. Welcome Home! I've done Canton a time or two and it's always been fun! LOVE those thick-top tables!!! I miss your music play list! Where did it sneak off to?

  6. How fun. I love the chicken feeder too! Your van looks amazing and your doggies are precious! Looking forward to following you!

  7. Welcome to Texas.. you're a brave soul to join us in August! ;) Your dogs are too stinkn' cute. I hope ya'll had fun!

  8. You came to Texas in August?! On purpose?! You are a better woman than I am because although I live in Dallas I'm spending August in Atlanta.

    In honor of the Olympics you win the gold in shopping flea market shopping. Hope you had fun visiting with you granddaughter and I'm looking forward to seeing what gems you found in Canton.


    Cassandra from 'Renaissance Women'

    (I've followed you and put you under 'My Favorite Places Online' on my sidebar.)

  9. Yikes it's hot! Looks like you hit a great market! Love all the photos and I can't wait to see your wild ladder! Enjoy your trip!


  10. that looks like a fun antique flea market, i'd love to check it out

    I'm inviting you to come join us also For Travel Photo MOndays, it runs all week starting Mondays, come link up with us :)

  11. Welcome to Texas! Yes, it's hot in August. Hope those sweet doggies have a cool place to stay while you are shopping the fields at Canton. My hat is off to anyone that can brave the triple digits out in the fields. Have a great time and travel safely.

  12. Yep, Texas is hot in summer which is why we go to Maine! You know, Canton is one of those places I've never been and I hear again and again what fun it is. I'm thinking I'll wait until fall, however.

  13. Now I want to go to Canton. Looks like a lot of great finds. I managed to escape Texas in July, just in time to miss the soaring temps. BTW, coming to you from The Tablescaper linkup.