Friday, August 17, 2012

The Old Lady On The Stoop

Our dog Princess has decided that it would be fun during her afternoon walks to just sit a spell and watch the world go by. See what's happening in the neighborhood. Watch the cars drive by, the kids on bikes or skateboards headed to the playground, or to see who else is out walking, some on a leash. She won't budge! She just wants to sit on the grass next to the sidewalk.
So, today we decided to sit with her, on the grass, by the sidewalk. You could tell she loved the afternoon sun on her face as she turned her head to feel the warm breeze.
Our other doggies, Lucky and Lucy also sat with us, but it was Princess that was taking it all in, like an old lady sitting on a city stoop. That's what we called her.
Our little old Princess has found a new pastime, stoop sitting.
When it was time to go, 
Daddy picked her up and carried her home.


  1. AND she does it SO WELL! How "Cute as a button" she is!!!
    Have a fun weekend,

  2. Aww, our dogs love to sit in the sun and watch the world go by too! Your puppies are all so cute! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.


  3. She's adorable! And that's one of the major reasons I like small dogs - they are portable! LOL!!!

  4. She is so cute!!!! We had a toy poodle for almost 18 years and I do miss her alot. Have a beautiful weekend "stoop sitting"!!!

  5. How adorable...I love Yorkies!

  6. I think that is one of the nature of dogs.There are times they want to stay under the sun. Just like our shitz tzu dog.

  7. I love your blog sooooooo much! :-) The pictures are fabulous. I especially love how you decorate for the seasons. :-) ~ Thank you.