Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Button and Shell Magnets

This is such an easy project.
Pick a few buttons from your button jar
and glue them to magnets. 
You can get a roll of magnets at any
Home Depot, Walmart, or Michael's.  
 I chose neutral and white buttons.
 I just used white glue. 
 I have saved lots of vintage buttons.
I keep them color-sorted in jam jars in the
laundry room cabinet.
 Make sure your buttons are at least
as large as your magnets. 
I also had a few shells that I've collected at the beach.
Earrings 'singles' make great magnets too. 
You can glue almost anything to a magnet 
and make them custom for your kitchen.
Even change them with the seasons.....
that's what I'll be doing.



  1. cute idea! you can use different things for different seasons ... i'm thinking ahead to the holidays ... i like to do a little something special for everyone at thanksgiving and Christmas, something that doesn't cost alot but is useful ... this would be a perfect little thing to do!

  2. So adorable! You have the best craft ideas! I love how you have all these organized collections around your home too!


  3. What a great idea for earring 'singles'! I always hope I will find the mate but now they can do double duty on the fridge. Great tip.


    Cassandra @ Renaissance Women

  4. Rita, these are cute as can be. I am salivating over your button collection! I use buttons in my needlework, but I don't have any as pretty as some of the ones you used on your refrigerator!

  5. Great ideas are always to be found on your blog!! I have a vintage button collection and this would make a great craft to do with grandchildren! I am still collecting wine corks to go on the paint stir stick for a memo board for our camper. We will soon be ready to ROLL!!!

  6. Wonderful idea,and so lovely too,this would be great gift's for newly weds,baby showers,christmas,etc.Love it!

  7. Cute and simple idea - the best kind! The button heart on your frig looks so charming. I just purchased the Autumn Porch Decorating Idea and found you in the ebook. What a thrill that was for you. I wasn't surprised since you are so very creative! I liked how you used a Croton to add fall inspiration and the cardboard Monogram!

  8. Love the shell magnets!! = so cute. Come link it up with us:

  9. What a cute idea! Love your magnets! I collect buttons, too, so I'll have to go and find myself some magnets!

  10. Rita, your shells are great.
    Thank you for linking it up at our linky party at