Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DIY Easter Egg Tree

I wanted a white branch to hang my
collection of hand painted blown eggs.
Step 1-Find a tree in the backyard
that can spare a branch.
 Step 2- Lop one off.
 Step 3-Trim off all the leaves.
 Step 4-Secure the branch for spray painting.
I used a wine bottle.
Step 5- Spray it white. 
Step 6- Wait 20 minutes for it to dry. 
Use this time to find a container. I'm using
 a Longaberger wine basket. I stuck the 
branch in a short bottle and weighted it 
with pebbles. I then scrunched some 
newspaper to fill the basket and 
topped it off with moss.
 Step 7- Hang the eggs. 
 All these eggs are hand painted (not by me).
When I'm done with the Easter eggs, I'll
hang the twig in the attic and I'll use it
for other holidays as well; hearts,
shamrocks, stars, bunting, etc. 
I put the egg tree on my patio dresser.
 I did this today instead of cleaning my house. 
So much more fun, don't you think?
You can read about my free patio dresser
 and window HERE
You can see all my Easter-izing HERE.


  1. Beautiful tree, Rita !! Thanks for sharing your fabulous tutorial !! *Becca*

  2. Nothing cuter than an Easter tree! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!
    Happy Easter :D ~Michelle

  3. so cute,love the easter tree, the eggs are gorgeous! thanks for partying at Type A!

  4. Very cute! I love the white branch idea!

  5. I am so glad that you shared this. I have 2 trees that are just begging to be decorated for Easter. I would have never thought of it. Thanks for sharing.