Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter in The Family Room

The glass coffee table in the family room gets a few Easter touches.
A large twig basket that I've had for years
 is used for the centerpiece. 
I sprayed an old basket white to hold
 a 3-piece tea set I found at GW  years ago.
A bunny sits on a stack of decorating books.
Two bunnies on the table.
I cut a square of egg print fabric to make a table square. 
I've made several of these for different holidays. 
You can see them in previous posts or in labels: Tablecloths
I topped the skirted end table with it. 
Another Easter basket holds the remotes, extra reading glasses, etc.
Did you notice the lamp finial?
It's a bunny!
Fabric close-up.
 family room TV viewing area
 coffee table
Click  HERE to see all my Easter-izing.



  1. That looks lovely! I think the Easter egg fabric is fabulous :o)

  2. Rita, everything looks lovely! I love the table square, what a great idea! I hope to post my bunnies at the end of this week!

  3. I love the white bunnies with pink eyes and the little basket with the tea set in it, it reminds me of something my grandma put together for me to play with! :D

  4. So pretty. I especially love that Easter egg fabric - very colorful and classy.

    You have so many pretty Longaberger baskets. Do you sell Longaberger?

    Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

  5. The fabric and bunnies are so sweet and fun! ♥O

  6. So sweet to see your tea basket and perfectly pretty teapot set. I reallylike your floral arrangement on the coffee table, too.


  7. Beautiful, beautiful, I love it! Those bunnies are adorable! I need to get bunnies, gosh! I love the detail of the basket with the tea set, it looks inviting and ready for tea at such pretty room! Love it!

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  9. Hi Rita! Your bunnies are precious!!

    Susan and Bentley

  10. Your familyroom is gorgeous. I love how warm and inviting it is. Your vignette is beautiful, love the tablecloth also. The stack of basket is fabulous. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  11. I love it! And it gave me excellant ideas for my own table (with I couple of things I saw at GW yesterday)! Thank you!

  12. Oh, my gosh it all looks so pretty. And the tablecloth really sets the theme and the scene. . Love it. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  13. You've decorated so beautifully with the Easter colors.

  14. What cute fabric! It's the perfect inspiration for your vignette. The rabbits are adorable, but I must say the bunny finial has me intrigued. It looks adorable!

  15. Oh I am so happy you saw that you were featured. Your garden is wonderful and the view is out of this world. I hope you grabbed my "Featured Button". All you have to do is just right click and copy the html under the button and then add it as a gadget on your sidebar. When you add the gadget go to HTMl and then just paste. It will pop up. Hit save and you are done. I post through Blogger, so shen you download your pictures, after you get it on your draft page of your blog, just click on the picture and you can see a line that shows all kind of sizes. I always try to use the x-large when I can. Really easy. Hope this helps. Hugs, Marty

  16. I enlarged the bunny finial so that you can see it better.

  17. I love all of your Easter decor! It is very charming and looks so homey. Have a wonderful day, Nan

  18. Hi Rita, Thanks for sharing your Easter decor at my party. Everything is so adorable and I love the tea set and bunnies.

  19. Gosh, wonderful family room! Love your Easter decors and what an adorable fabric. Thanks for adding your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays!

  20. Love your Easter-izing!!!

    - The Tablescaper