Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Beg Your Pardon

I'm trying again to have a rose garden.
South Florida is not rose friendly! California has beautiful roses growing in vacant lots!
So envious of you California gardeners.
This week I bought 6 new rose bushes.
I was advised to use pine needles for the mulch. I bought 2 bails.
I put on sunscreen and my old gardening cap.
I mulched.
I mulched some more.
I watered.
Eight rose bushes in a row. I still had two.
They were survivors from Wilma, that needed to be in rose ICU.
Orange, Red, Yellow, Lavender, White, Pink, Coral, Peach,
The bird bath is a rescued cement column with a clay saucer on top.
I found two columns.
What to do with a broken pot?
Turn it broken side down in the garden and plant a flower in the hole.
 I had two broken pots.
Breaks my heart not to use them.
It's starting to look a little better. 



  1. Girl with a view like that you don't need to worry about roses! Your bed does look good! I am sending you good vibes from North Fl.!

  2. I can't wait to see some blooming flowers here. Patiently, or un-patiently waiting! Following you! =)


  3. Rita, although I love my roses and they grow great here in the west, I would trade for your Florida weather and palm trees. Your yard is just gorgeous and that water behind - I could do without a rose garden!!!

    We were out trimming ours and I am all scratched up with Neosporin on and had to have hubby remove a couple of slivers!

    Hope yours grow for you.

  4. What a beautiful view! Love the pics. Oh how I wish it was warm and sunny here. I can't wait to dig in the dirt!

  5. You Fl. girls make me SO jealous! Oh to be able to garden year round!!!! AND, not go through WINTER, that I HATE:):) Your roses are beautiful but one word of caution: they don't like water on the bush, just water from below. They can get disease. I hope they grow for you!!!! We once had over 30 rose bushes, at our first house. Now we live in the da-- woods and can't grow them. AAUUGGHH!!!! XO, Pinky

  6. Love your rose garden! Wish I could start my gardening . . . I want to plant stuff, I want to see spring flowers, I want good weather . . . is that too much to want? LOL!!!

  7. A view to die for! Oh, I love the little road that leads to the lake, wow, it's simply gorgeous!...I can just imagin when all your beds start to bloom! Beautiful pics Rita May.

  8. Wonderful! I love your blog. You are an inspiration!

  9. Beautiful garden. I like your mix of plants..the palms with the roses and underplanted with herbs and then the shade loving impatiens in the pots. Good luck with your roses. I would think the right variety would do well there. Hope you show more photos later.

  10. Your garden looks lovely. Mine is coming alive and I was able to spend the whole day yesterday outside. I'm not much of a rose girl...too much work. I do have some knock out roses, that enough for me.

  11. I love your blog...and am now a follower! I share decorating and gardening on my if you get a chance pop over sometime!

  12. I think it looks gorgeous! In Illinois we grow beautiful roses...but, I would take your palm trees any day!

  13. I hope they will thrive ~ they have such a beautiful backdrop of water!
    'hugs from afar'

  14. Oh so pretty! What a beautiful garden you have and such a beautiful view of the water. Lucky you! Jana in Texas

  15. Hi-
    I know your pain.
    I love roses but I live in South Texas where i is a furnace!

    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  16. Those R some fine looking roses U have there.

  17. You have roses and I still have snow..not fair! I love stumbling on to a blog that I really like and I really like your blog. I have added you to my blog list and will follow you here. I love your little dogs and your beautiful home. Come say hi sometime :D

  18. just gorgeous, the yard and the view. thank for sharing this at my party!

  19. I sure hope your roses do well. I have never tried to grow them in Florida but with the soil being well draining they might do really well. I do grow them here in North Carolina and love them. I want to try to plant peonies this year too.

  20. your garden is lovely and your roses are gorgeous...i have never had much success with roses...i don't think i'm tender enough with them! but i do hope yours thrive...just over from type a.


    stuff and nonsense

  21. Tons of work, but soooooooo beautiful. I love the shrub bed and the roses are fabulous. Everything looks wonderful. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, marty

  22. Oh wow that view is incredible! Add a little color from your beautiful garden and it's right out of a catalog. I would be delighted if you would link this up to my VIP party Friday =)
    Cheers! Sommer

  23. Thanks for stopping by and linking up!
    Cheers! Sommer