Sunday, August 3, 2014

Displaying Tea Set Collection

 I was doing a little puttering with the tea sets 
that I have displayed in the Henredon wall 
units that are in the family room. You know, 
rearranging, dusting shelves, and editing. 
The wall unit is huge and good thing because 
the lower cabinets are full of Christmas 
and seasonal things. 
 I have most of my tea sets displayed on
 the open shelves.
 Here's the view one way.
Here's the other direction.
 It's where we watch TV.
Longaberger baskets in the lower cubbies
are used for storage.
 The two navy upholstered benches
offer additional seating when needed and
don't block the TV when not. 
 A simple coffee table vignette in one of
the wood trays that Larry made.
I took pictures of each tea set too.
I will do a post of those another time.

until then...Cheers!


  1. OMG!!! Amazing collection! I'm showing this to my Hubby so he can stop complaining about my meager collectibles!

  2. What a wonderful collection and you've done a beautiful job of displaying it for all to enjoy!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  3. Rita:

    I never realized you had such an amazing collection of tea sets! I too am smitten with tea pots. There's something about their shape.

    - The Tablescaper