Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Bears

The bears in the basket needed a
summer look.
They've been hanging out in a basket 
in the living room for months, so
they've had a few 'wardrobe' changes .
 I just took them out of their 4th of
 July duds. Very patriotic and so cute, picture. 
So for the summer, I just tied on blue & white
neck bandanas. Most of them are leftover
 fabric triangles from my sweet doggies, 
Lucky and Princess. Miss them still. Nice to
 see their little scarves being used. 
Here they are for Valentine's Day,
and Christmas. I think they will be fun to play
 with for the holidays coming up.
I guess you're never too old to play!


  1. I love your Teddies! You have the magic decorator touch. My Teddy Bears are boxed away because we are having a new home built and we are trying to pack what we can early and also work on decluttering our current for when we put it up for sale.

  2. Great idea!! I feel inspired to get my doll bed full of teddies out of the dark & into the living room!!