Thursday, August 7, 2014

A 'Shelfie'....The MAY DAYS Library

What's on my bookshelf?
Here are some of my favorite lifestyle,
decorating, and other 'housey' books.
I keep this one on my bedside dresser.
I can pick it up whenever I feel like
reading a few random pages and always
 fine a little inspiration.
Decorating books, gardening, craft...anything 'housey'.
I haven't bought many lately. With the
internet, blogs, and Pinterest I have
 unlimited decorating ideas at my fingertips.
But when I pick up one of just 
feels different. Relaxing
Some older ones.
All my 'housey' books are grouped together. 
I love Christmas books too.
Here's a collection of Southern Living Christmas.
Alexandra Stoddard. Love reading everything
she writes. I've even made copies of the
articles she wrote for McCall's magazine.
That was years ago.
I've put them in a notebook.
Her article was always on the last page each
month and it was the first page I read. 
A signed photo from the last time I heard
her speak. I've  been able to enjoy 3 of her
 lectures over the years.
 For years, I would subscribe to every decorating magazine.
I would tear out the pages I liked and put them in files
and later notebooks for each category.
I will continue to edit them to just a few.
Now I have Pinterest! So easy now to save
all those inspiring ideas I find. I have 173
categories (boards), and over 13,000 pins!
Whew! and I can share with everybody. 
I also have a large collection of cookbooks. 
I'll feature those in another post.
Some very old, very used, and tattered.
I make notes in my cookbooks.
Do you do that? On some I've noted dates
of when I made the recipe.
It brings back those memories. 
The general books are on the bookcase
Larry built in the hallway, HERE
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  1. what wonderful inspiration. You would love 'The Nesting Place" its a recent home design release that is soothing to the soul and very inspiring. Have a beautiful day.

  2. My gosh, how wonderfully organized!!! I have saved similar over the years, have all the articles and pictures in pocket folders......way too many to put in notebooks like you did. I also was a magazine hound, but at today's thanks!!! Many magazines I cannot part with and they are all in bookcases too. Love the net like you for decorating ideas and recipes, what a God-send!!! All the craft, design, and sewing mags and books are in my studio in over stuffed bookcases!!! Glad to see your collection!!!

  3. It's nice to find another Alexandra Stoddard fan. She is one of my favourite authors. I so enjoy your posts.

  4. I have Simple Abundance and keep it on my nightstand. I was lucky and found two almost new copies at a thrift store. I kept one and gave a friend one. OK, am I bad, I don't know who Alexandra Stoddard is, whoa is me!

  5. I still love to read a book while holding it in my hand! Smile... But also have some on my Kindle when I'm out and about and waiting in the car or something.

    Oh, and yes I do write etc in my cookbooks! Good...bad etc.


  6. I still love having the physical books in front of me. I love to reread and look at the ones I love over and over. My favorite magazine is "A Primitive Place" which I save every issue. It is comforting to look at rooms that make me feel good. I still check books out of the local library too!

  7. Hi Rita May! We have so many of the same the Southern Living cookbooks and the Peg Braken one too.l I was forced to donate years of decorating magazines on our last move but I did the same thing that you did and tore out my favorite articles and put them in folders. Now, I love Pinterest to do that for me. I hope it never "dies".