Saturday, August 23, 2014

Coffee In A French Press

In a push-button world of coffee it's nice to 
slow down and enjoy the the ritual of making 
coffee in a French press.  I enjoy the whole 
process that goes into making it. 
Especially on a weekend morning.
Here's how to do it.
1. Bring a kettle of fresh water to a boil.
2. Grind your beans on coarse grind setting.
 3. Add the coffee to the carafe.
(1-2T per 5 oz cup of water, usually
1 coffee scoop per cup)
 When the water just comes to a boil, bring
 it off the heat for 1  minute. 
4. Pour in just enough water into the carafe to
 saturate the grounds; wait 30 seconds to let
 them soak and bring out the 'bloom'.
Now slowly pour in the the rest of the
water. Give it a stir then place the plunger
 on without depressing it.
5. Let brew for 4-6 minutes.
While you're waiting you can
pour some of the excess hot water
 into your mugs to warm them. 
 6. Slowly and steadily press down on the plunger.
 7. Now, pour yourself a good cup of coffee 
into your warmed mug. 
 If not serving all the coffee right away, 
decant it into another server; like an 
insulated coffee carafe.
You can tweak the amount of coffee and 
brew time until it's just the way you like it.
A warm croissant with jam
A comfy robe
A little soft jazz playing
(or THIS. Edith Piaf singing
La Vie En Rose with just the 
right amount of scratchy sound)
A chair outside, or by the fire
(depending on the season)
A no-place-to-go attitude
Now...slow down and enjoy your weekend.

Bon Jour!


  1. Oh yes, I adore my French press. When my husband’s home we make a full pot in our regular coffeemaker, but when it’s just me my press is perfect.

  2. I enjoyed this, Rita. You've inspired me to buy a French press. Have a fun-filled Labor Day!