Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Best Tip To Hull Strawberries!

Can't believe I haven't posted this before. 
The best way to remove the the green leafy
 tops from strawberries with no
strawberry waste and also
 remove some of the white core without
buying another kitchen gadget is to... 
simply use a plastic drinking straw. Yes!
BTW kids love doing this. 
Just push it up through the bottom lining it up 
with the center of the green top.
Boom! Repeat until you have a straw full of 
core and then rinse it out. 
Save the straw for next time.
Make our favorite Strawberry Puff Pancake.
I had mentioned it to a friend after she made 
my Cherry Pie, (and loved it BTW).
It's also how I pitted the cherries for my pie.


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