Monday, July 7, 2014

DIY Wire Basket

Another hardware cloth project.
 Project #2 Wire Baskets
I love to repurpose and reuse!
I still had a lot of wire hardware cloth left after
removing it from along the fence in our yard
 (to Yorkie-proof it). I had Larry roll it up
and store it an empty garbage bin 
when we were issued a new garbage can)
Hardware cloth
(I don't understand the name)
 You just need wire cutters.
 Measure how long and how wide you want it. 
approximately, (ex: 6"w X 10"L)
Add how high you want it to each of those
I just used the squares as a guide.
Count out the squares: cut length +2 heights 
and width + 2 heights.
(ex: for 4"h you will cut a piece 14" x 18")
See the diagram for clarity.
Then bend to form your basket. 
 To be able to join the 4 sides you will need
 to cut leaving a wire extension sticking out.
Then just use needle-nose pliers to bend
and hook the sides together. 
Use the pliers to bend over any wire
that sticks up at the top to give it a 
finished edge. 
 I used a paper sandwich bag's dimensions
to make a small bag holder. It's a good place
 to store the paper bags that the grocery
 store uses to pack up bottles. I now have
a good supply and they are neatly stored.
 I measured the space next to my laundry
 sink. A good storage spot for sport towels.  
A napkin basket for the patio.
 One way to store cocktail napkins. 
I opted to store mine HERE instead.
 A few books.
A basketful of dishes...or yarn, or flower pots.
A few baskets could organize shelves.
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  1. You are the repurposing and organizing queen, and I keep hoping you stop back in IL and give me a hand! No matter how I try I never seem to be organized? I love both your projects, if your in the mood you could make me one...just saying

  2. This is the easiest DIY wire basket project I have seen yet! Thank you for sharing. I am pinning this ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing this great idea, I have hardware cloth wire and I'm sure gonna make some great baskets, so functional and easy to get just the right size. Gonna make baskets for top of toilet tank to corral extra tissue rolls....can't wait to get started.

  4. Well if that isn't clever and creative and practical and pretty! :)