Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mixing Blue Dishes

 I have lots of blue and white dishes,
my favorite. Some are complete sets and 
some are just a few pieces of a pattern. 
Some are my "good" dishes, some are vintage,
 some are cheapies. 
Most I've had for years, over 30 at least.
Finding them at garage sales or thrift stores
is the most fun. I would also find a few in 
TJ's or Marshall's. They would be marked
 down when there were only a few pieces left.
Publix had a store promotion a few years
 ago on the Churchill Blue Willow. At the end 
of that promo the store marked them down
75% and I picked up several pieces from
all the stores in my area. 
 I called the stores ahead to see if they still 
had any on sale. The store manager was
nice enough to hold them for me...
all of them.
 Then he did the unthinkable! 
He offered to sell me the remaining 
Pink Willow (red transferware) for 
even less. So I got an entire set for about 
$1.50 per place setting. The tea pot, tray, 
butter dish, sugar, creamer, all about 80% off.
By now I was in a dish-coma
They all get used, rotated in and enjoyed.
This week I'm really mixing them up.
It doesn't bother me in the least that a few
pieces are missing, a few dishes have broken 
(saved those) or a few have chips.
I've also been given a few random pieces
from family/friends. I take in orphaned
dishes and give them a deserving home.
The creamer in this photo was given to 
me by one of my tennis girlfriends. 
The fruit designed tea cup/saucer sets
are from my daughter, Kim.
tea tower
The German sugar bowl was my Mother's.
Now serving afternoon pie and coffee.
The best accessory to a blue and white plate 
is a warm slice of Cherry Pie and ice cream.
Check out my easy way to pit cherries on
 on Rita's Recipes . Bada Bing!



  1. Oh sweet were in a dish coma and me, I'm in a blue and white envy and specially cause you got them next to nothing, wow, such a bargain!
    I love ALL the patterns, and they always go perfect together and so lovely it always makes me smile! Tks. for sharing.

  2. Love the blue and white. And I really have fun finding pieces in antique and thrift shops. I'll have a slice of that pie, please. Deb

  3. Love how you combined all the shades and patterns!

  4. Oooh you do have such a wonderful collection! You have inspired me to start looking again. I got most of my Blue Willow at Kroger, forever ago, I wish I would have thought to go back and see if it got marked down like you did! Love seeing your pretty plates first thing this morning :)

  5. Hi Rita,
    I love your blue & white dishes - especially the different patterns and shades of blue! I am a "sucker" for blue & white dishes, as well. I have mine out on the dining room table now, but I also enjoyed seeing your other ideas for display. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!

  6. Oh what gorgeous dishes! I love how they can be mixed and matched! And yummm..that pie looks delishous!


  7. I love the mx n' match dish stack that you have created! I think the love of blue and white is a genetic component of every tablescaper! I never tire of seeing the combination used and my eye immediately finds it whenever I'm shopping. I know I'm not alone in this!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  8. Oh goodness, blue and white are my favorite dishes, too! I love the way you have mixed and matched the various patterns; they look perfect like that!

  9. My favorite, too! Love the blue and white! You mix it well!

  10. Blue and white just makes me swoon. I love how you mix them all up and rotate them. Your home looks so warm and loving.

    - The Tablescaper