Monday, July 14, 2014

Playing With Pillows

 The slipcovered sofas in the living room 
 are made for a quick change. 
 I gathered all my toss pillows that
were blue and white and tried different 
arrangements. Large B&W floral.
 Navy shell print pillows.
 Added 2 B&W toile print pillows. 
The toile and shell prints are pillow covers
from IKEA. That makes them easy to change
and I store the extra covers in a drawer. 
I tried them with a geometric navy pillow.
I've always loved the fabric and fringe on the
 large center pillow. The blue and white 
Chinese pots in the pattern match the pots
I have in the house.
 Gingham and needlepoint.
I think I'll use the needlepoint.
 Add a hand crocheted blue granny square 
afghan  from my stash.
 A summer look.
 This Ralph Lauren tea cup, saucer
and dessert plate are part of an 
assorted collection I have of dessert
sets. Everyone could choose
 a different pattern for their tea. 
This one works for me today.



  1. Love it all, and I agree, playing with changing pillows is so fun.

  2. Blue and white together are lovely for summer and you've got quite a stunning collection of pillow covers!

  3. I guess I need to start playing with my pillows too! I love blue and white so much, blue is my favorite color! My tour through blogland went up yesterday and I didn't hear back from you so I put my own "spin" on you. I think you;ll like it, your up for 7/21. Are you having problems with your email? I got two "funny" emails from "lawrence"?