Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thrifting Is Like A Box Of Chocolates:

You never know what your gonna get!
It's always fun to see what I'll find at my 
favorite thrift store. I stop in only every 
3-4 months. It's the definition of serendipity!
 Here are today's goodies!
An iron cookbook stand.
 I like the page holders on a chain...$2
 Very nice martini glasses will be just right 
for a summer cocktail...$1
 Couldn't pass up a white teapot for $1.
 Thrift stores are a good place to find 
that missing lid...$1
 A clamp jar now filled with doggie treats...50¢
 I spotted these 2 clay chicken cookers
 for only $3 each.
 They'll fit right in with the clay pieces I have. 
I love their shape. Pretty enough to be left out
 and sit on top of my cabinet. Clay cooking 
was the concept for the crock pot.
Thrifting is like a box of chocolates!


  1. .Your thrift store is the bomb, Rita. Always great stuff and those prices are unbelievable. I never have any luck and I go to quite a few. I donate lots of things but pickings are slim for me to buy.. The Angel of Thrift sits on your shoulder! xo

  2. I love the analogy. There is an art to thrift shopping, and it appears you have it!

  3. I love that cookbook stand best!! Neat!

  4. Awesome finds! You have a great eye - I can already imagine the scrumptious roast chicken made in the clay chicken cookers! You'll have to post when you get a chance to cook in them. Have a great weekend!