Sunday, July 21, 2013

16 Easy Signs To Make

Signs are fun and easy to make. 
Using scrap wood boards and trim pieces,
 a little paint, a Sharpie and printing out 
the letters from the computer gives me 
endless possibilities. I can make one for 
each whim, season, holiday or month. 
Here are 16 I've made so far.
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Fresh Lemons
A good sign for Summer.
a little LUCK
For my March sign I used horseshoes for
 the letters U and C.
Spring Bunny
For April I painted a Bunny
for the outside entry.
M ~ monogram
The 'M' sign is for between holidays.
Kaffee und Kuchen
For my blue and white kitchen. Most signs
 hang on 2 cup hooks under this cabinet.
Fresh Baked Brownies
Using a piece of pallet wood for
another sign under the kitchen cabinet
Guten Appetit
My German sign hangs in my daughter Kim's
 kitchen. I still need to make one for me.
Chalkboard...Give Thanks
This chalkboard painted sign is easy 
to change using chalk pens.
"It's wonderful to be back."
A favorite quote from a Nelson DeMille book.
This one hangs in our North Carolina place.
I gave a tutorial on how I make a sign.
Merry Christmas
I used a stencil to make these letters.
and red wood stain for the wood.
White Christmas
For a blue and white Christmas bedroom.
Happy St. Patrick's Day
I doctored this store sign by adding it
to a larger painted back piece.
...and to all a goodnight
Blue bedroom sign got scrolled corners.
Be Sweet
Small sweet sign for Valentine's Day.
FALL in love
I made these last two before I started using
 the printed font outline.
Freehand and rustic.

Signing Off!


  1. I love each and every sign Rita May! They're all so inspiring, warm and make the place where they are soo inviting! I always wanted to make one for my kitchen and for my coffee station, and maybe even my laundry room; like yours...and maybe even in German, English and Spanish, it'll be fun! Have a great week.

  2. Lovely signs Rita! Have you made any for your road trek?

  3. You inspire me! I walked out in the back where Louis Dean has been working and picked up a couple of pieces of wood. TWO signs coming up! I plan to make them on Tuesday which is my ART day! SIGN art!

  4. Cute signs! I really like the lemon one.

  5. Love, love, love your signs! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week!