Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Front Door Before and After

 We replaced the glass inserts in the
front doors a few years ago.
Etched glass inserts were removed.
We were able to sell them.
Beveled leaded glass
Larry installed them, saving lots of money.
I love having glass inserts in the front doors.
It lets in so much light and the beveled glass
still gives privacy.
Pretty from the inside too.
Remembering how much Lucky and Princess
loved looking out, along with Lucy now.
Somehow they always knew when Daddy
went to pick up the pizza! How do they
know these things? They just do!


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  1. Beautiful, your hubby did a great job and I love your new beveled leaded glass door and I can see the cute little fury gang also loves it, ha!
    Big hugs,

  2. My front door has the same design beveled glass! I have really enjoyed it! Yours looks beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous doors! I am loving having some in my new front door, too. Cute fur-babies!

  4. I love, love, love your pretty doors,but love, love, love, your adorable fur babies. So very sorry for the lost of two of your babies. I know how that feels, I've been through that myself a few times. You and Lucy and your family must miss them terribly. Have a good day. Linda

  5. Great change. Love seeing your furry babies waiting or dad. One of mine likes to sit on the fifth step up my staircase which is just opposite my front door. I think it gives her the perfect view.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. What beautiful doors. Great idea to replace.

  7. If I’d choose between your previous and present front door, I'd definitely go with the beveled leaded glass door. The old one also looks fantastic, but your current door has more quality and elegance. It's appealing yet it still gives your doorway sufficient amount of light and privacy.

    Roselia Mangione @ All County Exteriors

  8. The new inserts made your door more vibrant! It also lets more natural light in to illuminate your hallway while still providing you privacy. The dogs seems to enjoy it too while looking outside and waiting for you patiently. Hehe!

    Willene Fagen @ Roofing and More INC

  9. The previous design of your glass door was lovely, but I like the new one even more. I’m curious how Larry installed the glass inserts. I’m positive your followers would love to hear how he did that. Maybe you could post the directions how he installed it. What do you think?
    Danielle Bailey @ Vinylume Home Improvement