Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Laundry Folding

I fold the clean laundry on my bed.
It's where most of the clothes and linens
 go anyway and its a nice big surface. 
 There is no flat area in my laundry room
 so this is the spot. I can also watch TV 
while I sort and fold.
I always have company too.
 Lucy always joins me.
'I'll just watch you fold'
And then she falls asleep. 
Such a cutie!
I almost hate to leave when I'm done 
because she'll wake up and follow me.
She's always near me.
"I Love Lucy"



  1. I love your lucy too, she is adorable.

  2. Hi Rita,
    I did not realize that Miss Lucy is alone now. I am sure you as much company to her as she is to you.

  3. Such a sweetie. My cat, Maren, is a big help folding laundry, too. She's especially fond of sheets right out of the dryer. She tunnels into them and runs back and forth. Does the same thing when we put clean sheets on the bed. Yeah, big help. :))

  4. I have 2 Yorkies and they are always near me too. My husband passed away in January so now they only have me to love and watch, and watch me they do, all the time. They are the best companions. My dogs are so small they can't get up on the beds though. I have to watch out for missing socks......that seems to be the laundry item that is carried off and then the chase is on. Your Lucy is a doll.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. So sweet! My kitty follows me and sits on the dryer while I fold. I always cover him with hot clothes and he loves it!