Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's Your Sign?

This one is so true for me...
You'll always find homemade brownies
in my kitchen. Now I have a sign too.
 Most of my kitchen signs hang here.
I space the eye hooks the same so they
are easily changed onto the cup hooks.
 I wanted this sign to be very simple. 
 Plain block letter font traced onto
 an old piece of pallet wood.
Not my only brownie sign.
I made a printable HERE.
Fresh baked brownies.
My daily treat...still warm.



  1. Those brownies look delicious. Your sign is so cute. My sign says "Bon Appetit Y'all". That is because I took 2 years of French in high school but never could get the French accent to override the southern drawl.

  2. Love this little sign, Rita. The printable didn't open for me. You have the sweetest ideas.

  3. Love the idea of rotating signs.. brownies do look scrumptious! xo marlis

  4. Sharon From MichiganJuly 18, 2013 at 12:34 PM

    I'm hungry for Brownies now! What an adorable sign - Hmmm I have some left over boards from a picket fence that would work as a sign. Great planning on making all your kitchen signs fit on the same two hooks.

  5. I don't make brownies, or any sweets cause Joe doesnt eat them and that would mean I would eat them ALL!!!!!! Have you tried the Giardelli brownies? OMG!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  6. I made Brownies today!!! My son in law and my step grandson like the plain BOXED versions better than all my homemade creations! Go figure! I am going to figure out how I can do rotating signs!! Great post!

  7. wondering if you've ever put the brownie recipe on your blog...or is it a family recipe like mine? you know, Aunt Betty Crocker!

  8. We must be kindred spirits because when I think of cookies...I think of brownies. They are my favorite cookie to bake and also my very favorite to eat! Yours look yummy, as does your sign.

  9. Brownies yummy! The sign is adorable :)

  10. Love the sign....I need it...I looove brownies!! Your brownies look amazing! Come link up your post at my party Centerpiece Wednesday