Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ixora In My Garden

I love hydrangea bushes, but sadly
they do not grow in South Florida.
We do have ixora and I think of them as
 Florida's version of the hydrangea plant. 
The ixora is made for the tropics.
Every few days I snap off 3-4 branches
 and put them in one of my vintage Ball
jars. The coral flowers are so pretty in
the complimentary aqua color glass.
I have several bushes in my yard.
There are also lots of bushes along the
sidewalk where we walk Lucy.
They have a faint sweet fragrance that
is noticeable on our last walk at night.
 Big plus is that they flower year-round.
Ixora have large clusters of flowers
similar to those of the hydrangea. 
They come in shades of yellow, pink, orange
 and red. They can tolerate the heat and
humidity. I'm enjoying the local flora.
 Bloom where you're planted!



  1. What stunning flowers!!! I have never seen these before. And though you may not have hydrangeas...the fact that these are continuous bloomers makes them pretty special.
    Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!

  2. Such a nice coloured flower and nice view from your yard...

    All the best,


  3. Your pink flowers are so lush and beautiful, love those kinds with large blossoms,,,continous bloomers are such a special kind of flowers you just gotta love...

  4. These are beautiful and they bloom year round, lucky you!!! Never heard of them before, probably because I'm not from the south!!! I would be overjoyed to have those in my yard!!!


  5. These are beautiful flowers indeed.You find them in our region too.coincidentally i have done my table scape too this time with Ixora.Thank you...:):)

  6. Love the Georgian Bay, we went to Victoria and took the sea plane. We could see all the beautiful island and the homes. It was a bucket moment even thought I started out scared to death. The plane was just a shell of medal and a storm had just cleared even though the sun was out. Awesome!!!!!!!! Jeanie Caldwell