Sunday, January 1, 2012

Auld Lang Syne

The question it asks is clear: 
Should those we knew and loved be 
forgotten and never thought of? 
Should old times past be forgotten? 
 No, says the song, the people we have known
 and loved should never be forgotten. 
We'll remember those times and those 
people, we'll toast them now and always, 
we'll keep them close. The good times we 
shared, all the memories, 
the good as well as the bad. 
They were all in our lives for a reason. 
 "We'll take a cup of kindness yet."
The phrase "old acquaintance" 
is important too.  It's not only your close 
friends and people you love, it's people you
 knew even casually, and you think of them.  
 Acquaintance includes, your heroes, 
my heroes—the Winston Churchills of life,
 the ones you admire.
 They're old acquaintances too. 
But the interesting, more serious message 
in the song is that the past is important. 
 We mustn't forget it, 
the old has something for us."
In memory of past days. Auld lang syne.

Here's a toast to the New Year ahead, 2012. 
May it be a good year for all of us!
Cheers! and Happy new Year!


  1. I love your comments on Auld Lang Syne...Happy New Year!

  2. Your sunset is so pretty! Happy New Year! Laura

  3. This was such a beautiful post. I like the way you think~

  4. Dear Rita, Happy 2012 New Year to you, Larry and your entire family!


  5. Happy New Year to you and yours, Rita. What a beautiful post!

  6. I just love your photo of the two wine glasses at sunset. Unbelievably gorgeous. Thanks for making my day and have a wonderful new year!

  7. Rita -- a beautiful New Year's post! I enjoy your blog very much. I'm going to try the apple pancake. Looks simple and wonderful!