Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crystal Perfume Bottles

My dresser top holds my collection of 
crystal perfume bottles.
The oil painting was a thrift store find.
The chest of drawers belonged to my in-laws.
I've been thinking of painting it white.
(When I get the nerve)
The perfume bottles sit on vintage mirrored vanity trays.
 I have two, one oval and one rectangle. 
There are small hooks on their velvet lined
 backs so that they can also be hung on the 
wall. They belonged to my MIL.
 These six bottles are Waterford crystal.
They made a nice Valentine's gift and 
they haven't wilted.
 These three are Lalique crystal. 
They once  held L'air du Temps perfume .
 These antique cut crystal bottles were found 
at antiques and flea markets.
I was always on the lookout for 
pretty bottles at a good price.
This one has a silver collar with an 
old hallmark. 
 Three older bottles.
 I have two cut crystal relish trays and
two Waterford crystal make-up brushes.
I added those to the top.
I love looking at these as I enter the bedroom.
It all makes a personal dresser top vignette.


  1. Beautiful eye candy!
    Nina Ricci's L'air du Temps is one of my favorites...along with Jessica McClintock.

    Your MIL had excellent taste...
    Betty @ Country Charm

  2. You have such a beautiful collection of perfume bottles and crystal pieces. I love how you have them displayed too.


  3. REcognized the lalique L'air du temps right away.. such lovely pieces. I have kept mine too. I think the dresser would be great in white! xo marlis

  4. Beautiful perfume bottles. I love Waterford crystal.


  5. Whata gorgeousco collection! Thanks for more thing I'll keep an eye out for! I have two...Honey, I need more of those!! LOL ~Zuni

  6. Michigan Running MomJanuary 19, 2012 at 11:19 AM

    Wow, just beautiful! I love to paint my furniture - I say go for it - it will come out wonderful. I just love your blog.

  7. Your perfume bottle collection is beautiful. My Mother would have loved them. She collected a few herself.

  8. Wonderful perfume bottle collection. I collect them and, like you, enjoy seeing them when I walk into the room. Thanks for sharing. One of these days I'll have to photograph mine to share.

  9. What a spectacular collection!..I think my favorite are the Lalique perfume bottles..Stunning!

  10. SOOO pretty! Love all the bottles, and great idea to get V's day gifts that LAST!!! I am wondering, (hoping) if you are going to do a master bedroom closet organizing post???? Would love to see how you organize your closet. I am in the process of replacing ALL my plastic hangers with the SLIM, velvet type. They take up half the room, so I am LOVING them! XO, Pinky

  11. Oh what a lovely collection - I can imagine that it does make you smile each time to you see it. L'air du Temps was my fragrance of choice in college - my high school sweetheart gave me my first bottle. (Oh I think there is a blog post to be written on my favorite fragrances - many have a story).

  12. These are just so beautiful. I love crystal and I love perfume. These are pretty and look wonderful on you dresser! Very girly to "dab" on some fabulous scent!

  13. I collected pretty bottles as a child....wish I still had them! Although I don't still collect, I do come across a pretty one from time to time that I just can't pass up or throw away. It's very sweet to put one small flower stem in them and set by each place setting. Love your collection!

  14. Please DON'T ever paint that lovely dresser.
    Some things need to be painted, some don't.
    The collection of perfume bottles may be something for me to start. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. You do have the BEST collections! I love the crystal bottles, gorgeous.

  16. I love crystal these are just to pretty!! & I say paint it white! I bet you'll love it, but hey I like everything white.

  17. Rita, your perfume bottle collection is beautiful! Thank You for sharing it with us...I thought about collecting beautiful bottles like this at one time and only got I'm wondering what ever happened to it?

    I love your kitchen dish storage area..and the cabinets you rescued from always have some great things..

  18. Those crystal perfume bottles are very lovely and the glass design is elegantly detailed! You have a really wonderful collection.

    Rob Feckler

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