Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Mug Shots and Homemade Biscotti

After the colorful Christmas mugs, 
I'm going neutral for January.
 We are enjoying the new addition to the 
coffee bar, The Keurig coffee maker. 
It was a Christmas gift from daughter Kim. 
We used her's all the time.
Longaberger Ivory mugs on the mug rack
 and two monogram mugs. R & L
 Love monogram anything.
 We'll need something to go with the the brewing coffee.
 Biscotti, the coffee dunking cookie.
 Take a bite!
 I'm storing the rest of my homemade biscotti
 in a vintage glass jar.
 I might have one for tomorrow morning's
breakfast and bring a few to tennis to share.
 K-cups are convenient to use especially 
if you want just one cup fast, or 
someone wants decaf, 
but they can be pricey to use all the time. 
 I bought the My K-cup so that we can still
 enjoy our favorite brand.
 Just fill the tiny filter basket with  
freshly ground coffee.
Coffee in no time!  Anytime!
 One cup at a time!
Click HERE for my biscotti recipe.


  1. I do my dipping in tea. Your biscottis look yummy and I love the "L" mug, it would go good in my house, Laura

  2. I got a Keurig for Christmas also. I love it. Easy peasy. I enjoy biscotti with coffee, especially at about 4PM. I always look forward to your "mug shots". :-)

  3. Your coffee station is perfect! And a Keuring is the best addition. We love ours. I'm with you, I love any and everything monogrammed! I think I may make myself a nice hot cup right now. :-) Susie

  4. Looks like fun. Love your mugs.. monograms are just fabulous.. xo marlis

  5. Mmmmm, your biscotti look wonderful with the coffee! The neutral are pretty and refreshing!

  6. I love the K-Cup Chai Latte...almost like dessert. I have a brand new Kitchen Aid mixer, and I'm excited to give your biscotti recipe a try. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Cherry Kay

  7. We've been toying with buying one of these coffee machines. DH fixes himself instant coffee in mornings because he only has 1 cup. When we have company, we will drag the Mr. Coffee pot out. I love hazelnut flavor coffee or French Vanilla..Does Dunkin Donut put out a K-cup? Never tried it before but I'm hearing a lot of good compliments on this brand. Can you use any brand with the Keurig maker? Does it take up a lot of space on your counter?

  8. Hello Rita May, a friend directed me to your blog and when I saw the Baked Apple Pancake on your recipes page, I just had to try it.
    I made it this morning and it was a big hit with us. It was perfect on a cold -20 C Sunday morning and my kitchen still smells delicious even though I made it a couple of hours ago.

    Have a great day!
    Cheers from Alberta, Canada

  9. We've dumpedour brewer in favor of a perculator. 9 minutes to wonderful tasting, very hot coffee - love the taste. Fortunately, my husband and I like caffinated coffee.