Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How To Organize Napkin Rings

There are several ways that I like to organize
my collection of napkin rings.
 Most of them are kept in the drawer
in the pie safe.
 I like to use drawer dividers.
The pumpkins rings and floral rings were
found in thrift stores for 25 cents a piece.
Longaberger napkin rings and
my 'Bruce Willis' teapot napkin
 rings. You can read about those HERE.
 The white swans are a souvenir from a
day in Long Grove, IL many years ago. 
 Thrift store ceramic Christmas angels
are protected with coffee filters.
 Here's another good way to keep sets
together. The green flower pot napkin rings
were also a $1 thrift find. See my previous
post on my thrift store finds HERE.
 Use the tube from paper towels. 
 Cut a lengthwise slit to make it flexible. 
Then just slide on your napkin rings.
 This works especially well when you have a
 tumble of napkin rings like these lemon vine
 rings I found on after season clearance at
BBB. They'll go with lots of my lemon decor.
 Now they are under control.
 The cardboard will unfurl slightly
to hold them together.
 For small sets I used toilet paper tubes.
 It's easy to pick up a set.
 Ready to go back in the drawer.
I aslo use my empty tennis cans. 
You can see that post HERE.



  1. Great ideas, Rita. I got a lot of .99 rings at BBB, the ones I used tonight are from there.
    I love your lemons. I don't play tennis, but I have some of those clear paint cans I can use.
    You have a great collection.

  2. What great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing. And I loved your story about the Bruce Willis teapot napkin rings!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the tips! I loved your Bruce Willis napkin ring story too. Were you a Moonlighting fan like me? I found that deal at BB and Beyond for those lemon rings too!

    Robin Flies South

  4. Great storage ideas...I like both the drawer organizers and the paper tubes. The tennis ball tubes would be great too if I had a ready supply of them!

  5. love the idea with the tennis cans.. all of mine are in mini tubs from walmart and on a shelf. (or two).. xo marlis

  6. THANK YOU!! I am always looking for BETTER ways to be organized. This is terrific! Now I have to go read about Bruce Willis:) XO, pinky

  7. These are great storage ideas! My napkin ring collection is getting a little out of control. Your ideas will help me get some organization going. Thank you!!

  8. When your ADD it is hard to imagine. Miss you. Jeannie C.

  9. What great ideas...I've needed this! Next week, I'm organizing! Thanks!

  10. I have soooo many napkin rings, I'm always looking for inspiration. I LOVE the idea of the empty tennis ball cans.

    - The Tablescaper

  11. Brilliant ideas. My favs are the paper towel cardboard and the tennis ball holder. Wow! I need something for my expanding collection. Your thrift finds are inspiring as well. The Bruce Willis napkin holders piqued my interest. Thanks for posting your inspiring organizational ideas. ~CJ

  12. Rita May, Why these ideas are just brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing them.

    Wow ~ you have an amazing collection of napkin rings ~ I'm in awe!! I never would have thought of using the tennis ball cans ~ you're a genius!! ~m

  13. Very clever. And you have some lovely napkin rings. I adore napkin rings and we use them daily. Most of mine are on top of a chest in the dining room.

  14. Goodness!!! Youa are the QUEEN of Organization!!! I love your ideas!

  15. Such great ideas, Rita!!! I have tons of napkin rings that I keep in two big apothecary chests. I am sure I can better organize them with your ideas, especially the paper towel rolls! Love the idea of using the coffee filters as a protective shield, too! Cool!!!

  16. I KNEW there was a reason I was keeping those tall clear jars! PLEASE tell me I didn't throw them away (I think I did). Gotta go look for them. Great ideas!

  17. Some women like diamonds, some like designer shoes...I get goosebumps from organization! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  18. What a great idea for storing napkin rings! I keep mine in clear qt.size ziploc bags.You have a vast selection of napkin rings to choose from..great collection! I am always looking for new ones to add to my collection. I am always looking in thrift stores for them. Thanks for sharing your organizational skills and ideas.

  19. I love getting organized, now I can organize my napkin rings, right now they are all scattered in the buffet drawer. Love the idea of repurposing the paper towel and toilet paper and coffee filters.So creative. Love the white swans, isn't Long Grove the best, I live in IL so I go at least once a year. I'll have to look for some the next time I am there. Thanks so much for sharing at Sunday's Best!

  20. What an awesome napkin ring collection. Great storage tips, too. Now if I only had a table to justify real napkins and rings. Sigh, maybe the next house. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best =)

  21. I loved the lemon rings, but here in Brazil is quite difficult to find them. Can I buy them trough internet on this BBB stores? Thank you very much! Fabiana

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