Monday, August 22, 2011

A Shabby Chic Shower

My nice niece Rita and her family 
live less than 10 minutes away.
I stopped by as she was preparing a bridal shower 
for a coworker and snapped a few photos.
A wire heart holds photos of the engaged couple.
She printed signs using various fonts and 
put them into pretty white frames.
 She hung them with tulle from the chandelier. 
Something Old, Something New
Something Borrowed and Something Blue
A big beautiful bouquet of white flowers.
 A sweets table for a sweet life. 
Guest scooped candy into cellophane bags.
 Large apothecary jars filled with candy.
A lollipop tree.
Pitchers were labeled for the sangria.
 Tea sandwiches were labeled 
Chicken salad and English cucumber.
Cut into perfect hearts.
They taste so much better that way.
Fresh fruit.
Watermelon hearts.
There was a table for presents.
And of course there was a fabulous cake.
All under her very fabulous shabby chic chandelier.

from the two Ritas,
Aunt Rita
Niece Rita


  1. What a beautiful shower!!! And so very clever! I am NOT fooled, though! That took a lot of work!

  2. What fun!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very pretty! Great ideas! Thank you for sharing your photos with us. When I saw the title of your post and the beautiful chandalier as the picture, I was thinking "how are they going to have that chandalier IN THE SHOWER?"'s a bridal shower not a get clean with water shower.

  4. Such cute decorations and the food looks fabulous. Love the little heart sandwiches. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. Very pretty shower, and all the food looks yummy. The cake is so pretty. Now I am hungry!

  6. Everything looks fabulous, beautiful and yummy...I guess niece Rita took after her aunt Rita May! I also have a niece in Tampa who's name Rita too and I love her very much and miss her. I love the sandwich hearts, I make them Valentine's and my little grandgirls love them! Thank you for sharing, I gotta go and eat something! Hugs, FABBY

  7. Lovely decorations, your niece did a great job! Bet everyone had a great time at the shower. Thanks for adding your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  8. Your niece did an amazing work, I really liked every single details that you shared in these pictures. My daughter is also very creative when it comes to party décor. She’s always helped in every single party we’ve had in the family. Even for her own wedding next month, she has been personally decorating the hall we had booked at one of the famous wedding venues.