Sunday, August 7, 2011

Organizing The Tupperware Storage Closet

Every month or so I have to reorganize the Tupperware/Storage container closet.
(neat) It starts out like this.
(willy-nilly) Then it ends up like this.
You see, someone in our household has a 
willy-nilly approach to putting things in there.
So, when I can't stand looking at  all the disorganization, 
I sort it out...again. (neat)
What's behind closed doors is not important to Mr. Willy-Nilly.
Mr. Willy-Nilly and Mrs. Nit-Picky have to co-exist in the same house.
So, sometimes he puts things away, and sometimes I'll have to rearrange.
Lids in bowl                       Small containers in tote  
This is the large storage closet I use for the food containers.
It's in the hallway across from the bookcases we built.
It just around the corner from the kitchen. 
Behind closed doors.



  1. I have a cabinet I call "Death by Tupperware" because every time I open it, the tupperware attacks me. I'm afraid that someday it might win.

  2. You have a whole closet just for Tupperware!!!???? WOW!!!! I NEED a cloest like that for DISHES!!!! Oh how I wish we could do this! Thanks for sharing this, I am showing my hubby! XO, Pinky

  3. Not to be rude, but do you really need that much tupperware?

  4. I love the neat Tupperware storage shots! I happen to like things neat and tidy (although most days people visiting my home would challenge that). That truly would be the ultimate, to have that kind of storage area for Tupperware AND dishes. Wow! I'm dreaming away...

  5. Wow what a great space to keep Tupperware. I love to have containers with the lids, as that has been a problem in our household. Sometimes I have lids, but not the right size bottom, or vice versa. Great organizing.

    Jocelyn @

  6. Oh Rita May, I love your closet for just tupperware! I would put dishes there inmediatelly and yeah, very neatly, I hate the willy, nilly too! You crack me up! Have a nice week. Hugs, FABBY

  7. I've never seen so much Tupperware in my life. I've never been to a Tupperware Party, but I'm wondering if you were a consultant at some point. I've wondered about your Longaberger collection, too. Don't know that I spelled that correctly. I went to one of those parties once when I was visiting a friend in Virginia. That's a fantastic storage closet. Lucky lady! Cherry Kay

  8. This was so funny, I must admit I have the same approach to my pots and pans closet as your husband has to the tupperware one!

  9. I'm just green with envy about ALL THAT STORAGE SPACE!

  10. REPLY: To Cherry Kay,
    I call that my Tupperware Hall of Fame because I sill have almost every piece I have ever bought at a T'party since
    the late 60's!!! I've added to it thru the years and was briefly a consultant just so that I could buy it for myself and family for cost. The same with Longaberger. Sold that for a few years. I was my best customer! Everyone always expected baskets for gifts. I love both companies products and have really gotten a lot of use from them all these years. I rarely buy or use disposable containers or bags.
    A little OCD! (LOL)

  11. I am in some serious storage space envy!! How perfectly awesome to have a Tupperware closet!!!

  12. I *heart* Tupperware! I grew up using it (in all those fab 70s colors) and now have it in my kitchen too. I love your organized storage---it's almost like a candy store! :)

  13. Rita May I need you!!!!!!!! OMG are you ever organizes.You made tupperware look like art!

    Rita Mae, we hope you will consider being a part of the Miracle Makeover blog week starting Friday... helps kids with cancer. Creativity can change things... for more on it stop by...

    Kelee @ Met Monday will feature it next week!

  14. Hi,
    I don't use plastic for food storage only glass. But I have to say I love the organization! You must have a huge family, are you sure your Michelle Dugger? lol

  15. Sorry, are you sure your NOT Michelle Dugger!

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