Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Light Switch

We finally replaced the coach lights by our garage. 
Sometimes it just takes walking into Home Depot 
and seeing three lights on clearance to get you motivated!
Before: Bad coach lights!
Luckily our over-grown hibiscus covered one of them.
 After: Good coach lights!
 We needed three and got them for less than the original price for just one.
I even trimmed the hibiscus bush!


  1. How pretty.......and how clever you are to find that sale! Is there anything prettier than fresh cut flowers? Just wish the hibiscus would last longer.

  2. I SO love a bargain!! Great job!

  3. Looks great Rita - you can't beat a bargain!

  4. Amazing how much a small touch makes such a big difference.. Like Like !! Jules

  5. Love the new light and those hibiscus are beauties! Did you make your house# plaque? Oh, that's another project for you to post!
    Seems like it would be simple..buy individual tiles at home store or tile store, What would you place it on, another tile or a board and hang it?