Monday, August 24, 2015

Save Those Souvenir T-shirts~Part 1

I have this super-cool tie-died t-shsirt from
Jamaica. It even has Hard Rock Cafe
embroidered on the front. Hard to believe
that I would cut-up this beauty,
but thats's what I did.
Cut out the embroidered front. 
 I used my old tennis balls.
*This craft will cost nothing 
*There's nothing to buy. 
*You only need 3 things,
free balls, old t-shirts, scissors
If you don't play tennis, get some from
 a friend or your local tennis club. 
 Save the empty tennis cans too!
 I have 1,000s of way to use those 
for storage. Let's continue, shall we?
Cut the fabric into strips and just wind
around the ball to cover. The t-shirt fabric
stretches a bit and clings to itself. You can pin
 the end if you want to but it's not necessary
if you're just going to pile them into a bowl.
 Now I have beachy-oceany-looking balls.
Keeps the spirit of our Jamaican vacation.
Think of the possibilities!
Seasons? Holidays? 
HERE are my Patriotic Balls
I can do this while I'm watching TV.
Then just pile them  in a basket or bowl
 and done.

I've also covered them with rope
as seen in this post.
Coming up next-part 2, another project 
using more of the same t-shirt. 


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