Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My No-Cost Fern Hanging Baskets

Here are the no-cost hanging fern baskets 
I made for my patio using stuff from my yard.
I have 6 hanging baskets on my patio that 
needed new everything; new plants, and
new coco liners. That can get pricy-
$60 for the liners alone.
I thought I'd try to make my own with material
I had in my yard. It wouldn't cost me a thing!
I used the dried palm tree bark. 
Not really the hard bark, but the soft 
material we trim off the top. 
 I lined the metal hanging baskets with bark
to cover all around the inside.
I trimmed the edge with scissors.
The Boston fern has taken over our yard,
so we just dug up a bunch.
 I filled plastic pots with potting soil
and the ferns and dropped them in
the palm bark lined baskets.
They should be low maintenance and
last a long time.
Not bad for a FREEbie!
It's been several months now and they are all thriving.



  1. Your fern looks very nice and you can't beat no cost, good for you !

  2. You are so clever! Great idea!

  3. You are simply incredibly so creative and talented!!! Great hanging baskets!!! I'm going to start saving the palm tree bark. TFS

  4. My favorite plants are ferns but they die quickly here in the desert. I certainly envy you those beautiful plants. Barb in NM

  5. Rita, they are beautiful, you never cease to amaze me at your talents!

  6. Saving money and learning new tricks is my kind of thing. They look great!

  7. Awesome Rita! Love it to bits! I have lots of plants that need dividing, so this is my weekend project. Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frugal at A Tray of Bliss. Love, Mimi xxx